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Discover how Maquina Plastic Division has become a Canadian expert in the extrusion of recycled plastic.

1994 calendrier

Maquina Plastic Division is a subsidiary of Maquina Inc., a company that is specialized in design and production of industrial machinery that was founded in 1994, by engineer Yves Bergeron.


In January 2015, Yves Bergeron hired the young and promising engineer Jimmy Vigneault to be the project manager for Maquina Inc.

In the month of May of the very same year, Yves and Jimmy decided to diversify the manufacturing activities of the company by making the acquisition of plastic extruding machinery and by building a second factory just beside the first Maquina building.


It’s in 2019 that Anthony Bergeron officially joined Maquina Plastic Division team as project manager, to help with the constant developing of the company.  Today, Maquina Plastic Division is a dynamic and visionary business that never stops innovating and perfecting its technology.

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