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equipe yves

Yves Bergeron – Owner – Creator

Creator and founder of Maquina Inc. , Yves Bergeron has been part of many major projects as a consultant, designer and manager since the beginning of his engineering career. Since his graduation from Universite de Sherbrooke’s mechanical engineering in 1982, he has acquired a solid and diversified background in many fields of engineering.

First hired as an engineer at American Biltrite, he later decided to found his own business, Maquina Inc., in 1994. He has the strong reputation of being the man who succeeds where the others fail. As a mater of fact, he takes pleasure in solving complex problems for other factories that call for his advice.

His ways of analysing and figuring out problems are unique and his main strength is his capacity and willingness to get out of his comfort zone. He can achieve great projects, thanks to his sharp ingenuity, his vast experience and his rallying leadership.



equipe anthony

Anthony Bergeron – Project Manager – Versatile

This young graduate of Cegep de Sherbrooke’s electric engineering technical program is only in the labour market since 2019, but despite is young age, he already has a lot of work experience at the Maquina factories.

In addition of having built mechanical skills in his youth, he has gathered a solid background in mechanical machining since he started to work officially for Maquina Design and Production in 2016.

He is currently project manager for Maquina Plastic Division, which brings him a lot of daily challenges that he faces with enthusiasm and courage.


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