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Our company specializes in recycled plastic extrusion.

 icone etoileOur expertise  

Since 2015, we’ve never stopped improving our expertise while our market is constantly expanding. As a proof, we have a reputation in North America’s recycled plastic market of having the highest possible quality products.


icone qualiteWhy choose Maquina ? 

Being our partner in business is being assured to have a product that surpasses the highest quality standards. Our products are always submitted to high technology laboratory tests directly in our facility. You can fully trust our merchandise and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.


icones engranageHow it works ? 

We filter plastic and make custom mixes to produce granules that specifically meet each of our client’s expectations. We believe in trust, and we know that it is the foundation of every strong business relationship. It is really important to us that our clients can rely on the Maquina quality.


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Contact a member of our team to learn more about our products